30 Low Cost Advertising and Marketing Ideas to get known in the market. 

Advertising is expensive.  Especially when done in isolation. I have included 30 low cost marketing and advertising ideas below to help you engage with your target market more effectively. You must remember that the definition of low cost has to do with the long term use of the marketing asset as well as the impact on the acquisition cost of a client.  Many small business owners look at the up-front cost and decline to use it.  This neglects the potential of the item.  Take a look at the total cost and choose wisely.

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Content Marketing

Effective Content Marketing – Well Worth the Effort

An effective content marketing is 126% more effective in getting leads than no content marketing. Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves creating and sharing of content material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote your business.  However, it is intended to stimulate interest in your niche or industry with the ultimate goal of driving profitable customer actions. Ultimately, you’ll get more sales, have more loyal customers, and save money on advertising.

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Free Public Relations

Public Relations Equals Free Publicity

Are you confused about PR versus Paid Advertising? This confusion is very common.  Most business owners do not understand PR equals free publicity.  Their biggest question is “How can I get free advertising”. There are three key areas of public relations you can use to boost your advertising results ten-fold over your paid advertising.

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Telemarketing for small businesses is alive and well

Telemarketing for small businesses is NOT the Anti-Christ Today you’ll learn how to use direct mail marketing and, yes, telemarketing for small businesses to your full advantage. I know, the word “telemarketing” might as well be four letters.  However, there is a way to help customers feel like they are getting personal attention and keep them from blocking your number! With the success direct mail marketing has had and the availability of computers, these are used as a powerful marketing tool for your success. Telemarketing is best for high priced, high margin products/services. Here are the key steps to putting

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